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Beers & ales are a passion at The Druid Inn

Is there anything that signifies "Englishness" more than a pint of ale? There is a fine heritage of brewing ale in Britain that spans centuries and it is solidly embedded in our culture. Once seen as a man's drink, beers and ales are now enjoyed by everyone and have the same gastronomic status as fine wine. Examples of breweries sourced from are: Abbeydale Brewery Sheffield, Sarah Hughes Brewery, Blue Monkey Brewery, Oakham Ales.

The Druid Inn features a variety of interesting and intriguing beers and ales every month. Rob takes great pleasure in describing their character and he's more than happy to provide a tasting sample if required. Of course beers and ales are a passion at The Druid Inn but there is also a healthy selection of wines, spirits and lagers to satisfy all tastes.